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Sarah, the mother of 4.5-month-old Charlie, still can’t sleep more than 2 hours straight, constantly sleep deprived, craving for at least one night’s uninterrupted sleep, surviving with a very low energy.

She loves her innocent beautiful child more than anything, but she can feel the negative impact of frequent wakings on her physical health and emotional balance: she is getting more and more angry and more and more impatient.

Sarah has long forgotten those days when she was pregnant and counting the days to hold Charlie in her arms. Now, she is exhausted, and lost: she doesn’t know if her experience is normal or not, nor how much more of it she can take before completely losing her mind.

She has heard about this ‘sleep training’ thing before, and would not have considered leaving her child alone to cry - how could she do that? he is just a little baby - but in her current situation she would do anything for an extra hour of sleep.

She feels like she failed as a mom.

And now Charlie.

Just 4.5 months old, he is still trying to get used to this world. Neither his physical nor neurological development are completed yet and he is totally dependent on adult care, mostly his mother’s.

He needs much more than food and fresh diapers.

What Charlie needs is companionship and attention, which are as crucial as food and fresh diapers. He is not ready to soothe himself to sleep yet in the evening; nor can he go back to deep sleep on his own when he is half awake at night.

His physical and brain development require nearly constant touch and physical presence from his mother. He needs attention when he is hungry, cold or uncomfortable, but also when he is happy or when he wants to play. He doesn’t want to be alone, neither it is healthy or safe to leave him alone, because he is a little human being, and human beings are highly social animals.

Leaving Charlie alone to cry during sleep training is probably one of the most dangerous things that can be done to him.

Science already has shown that cry-it-out methods put babies under stress that they can’t manage. Even though babies start to sleep on their own and stop waking up at night after the leave-it-to-cry sleep training, stress hormones in their bodies are still extremely high.

This method won’t teach Charlie how to soothe himself to sleep, but will scare him into not reacting when stressed and not calling his parents for help.

We all agree that babies need intense support and care for the first months of their lives, but it should not come at the expense of their parents’ physical and emotional stability, nor by inflicting severe stress on the babies themselves.

Can there be a kinder way of helping Charlie fall asleep easier and rest longer, to make both parents and the baby comfortable, peaceful and happy?

There is unfortunately no magic wand that can make everything perfect in just one night, but there are many habits and routines parents can follow to improve baby sleep step by step, in a gentle way.

Little Sleeper mobile application is developed exactly for that, to coach parents on baby sleep best practices - as well as common mistakes - with real-time recommendations.

Dear parent, with the help of Little Sleeper, you can have a much longer and healthier sleep, you definitely deserve that! Get help from us now and improve your little ones’ and your own sleep!

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