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Baby Safety Mistakes That Will Make You Facepalm
Safety is very important at every stage of the baby’s life and the little one is at extra risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the newborn phase. Although babies are at risk until they are 1 year old, it is known that most of the cases happen between the age of 0-4 months. SIDS cases happen usually when babies are sleeping, that's why we want to take your special attention. Don't worry, our aim is not to panic you :) On the contrary, we want to bring this topic to your attention, to avoid potential risks by sharing life-saving tips.SIDS ReasonsAlthough the reasons for SIDS are not proven, statistics show that paying attention to the common mistakes parents are doing decreases the risk significantly. Please pay attention to these topics
June 1, 2019
Can You Guess 5 Baby Sleep Facts?
Did you know that a 2012 study (source: Chung et al, 2012) has proven that the Internet contains much information about infant sleep safety that is inconsistent with the recommendations of American Academy of Pediatrics? Sometimes it can be challenging to distinguish the myths and scientific facts, and it takes time to do the research to make sure a piece of advice has scientific roots. To make your life easier, Little Sleeper Team does all the work for you and all the information and advice you hear from Little Sleeper is 100% scientific. Now, enjoy the most critical 5 facts about baby sleep.
May 31, 2019
5 Baby Sleep Myths That Will Make You Surprised
Have you been searching for baby sleep methodologies and came across with contradictory information? Do you stop searching for advice online and just follow your gut feelings? Thanks to the Internet, we are able to reach all type of information very easily. However, it is very challenging to distinguish which baby sleep advice is based on the scientific facts and which ones are just myths. Here are the 5 myths about baby sleep, which doesn't rely on any scientific background.
May 14, 2019