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Little Sleeper is your 24/7 personalized no-cry baby sleep assistant.

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Track baby's sleep schedule

Record when your baby's sleep starts and ends. While it's critical to note down these times, the better you do it the better the results.

Get custom & instant advice

Mummy, every baby is different, and you get advice designed specifically for your little one's age and sleep habits.

Improve your baby's sleep

Once you follow advised tips, just watch how your baby's sleep improves, how your sleep improves and how your joy increases.

Everything we do is based on scientific research!
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Get your sleep back

Little Sleeper is your 24/7 personalized no-cry baby sleep assistant based only on scientific research.

Get your personal baby sleep plan

Babies are born with internal sleep clocks and their sleep cycles are very accurate. They just need some time and support to set up their internal sleep clock, and parents should pay attention to these baby-sleep cycles.

Play white noise to soothe your baby to sleep

Find different lullabies and sleep sounds. Babies love them because they lived for 9 months in their mommy’s womb - in a very noisy environment - and they don’t like the super-quiet life outside.

Get instant advice customized for your baby

Every baby is different, and one tip that works one baby may not work for the other. With Little Sleeper, you get no cry action items for your little one’s age and baby-sleep habits and schedule.

Learn baby sleep with 100s of tips

Get 100s of tips and best practices customized for your baby's age without being concerned for the information's quality because everything shared in Little Sleeper is 100% scientific.

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"If she doesn't sleep well, my life can turn into a nightmare. Thanks to Little Sleeper, I learned the good habits that will help her sleep longer"

Ozge Kokcu, Amsterdam
7 month old Lale's mother

“I used to wake up every 2-3 hours, but now my son is sleeping through the night! Can you imagine?”

Ozlem Bekdemir, San Diego
7 month old Emre's mother
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