Little Sleeper is a no cry baby sleep app.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights :)

Track baby's sleep schedule

Record when your baby's sleep starts and ends. It is very critical to note down these times.

Get customised sleep tips

Mummy, every baby is different, and you get advice designed specifically for your little one's age and sleep habits.

Improve your baby's sleep

Once you follow advised tips, 
just watch how your baby's sleep improves, and just enjoy life :)

What Mothers Say

"Thank you Little Sleeper! I do sleep much longer through the night :)"
Amanda Harisson, 5 month old Lisa's mother
“My 2 month old John’s sleep improved dramatically. I wish I had this app much before!”
Jane Rose, 2 month old John's mother

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Little Sleeper

Get your baby sleep like a baby.


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